Through academic excellence, spiritual education, and community service


Beyond the Classroom

At HCA, we offer unique programs such as the Education in Action (EiA) that promote and encourage learning outside the classroom.

High Success

Student success is our top priority. We proudly uphold a 100% graduation rate, reflecting our commitment to excellence in education.

Personalized Learning

With 200+ students in PreK-12, we offer personalized learning through smaller class sizes, ensuring more individual attention from teachers.


We prioritize higher education and encourage our students to apply for scholarships, with our graduates receiving $500,000 in awards.

Hands-On Learning

Hands-on learning is vital to our mission, so we built an on-site greenhouse and are developing more onsite business like this to foster experiential education among our students. 


Our vibrant student body represents over 50 churches in Kalamazoo, highlighting our school’s rich diversity and community spirit.



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Meet the Team Leading the way

Pursuing school God’s way takes a dedicated, creative, committed faculty. The Heritage Christian Academy team instills enthusiasm by fostering collaborative, cooperative classrooms. By listening attentively and sharing real-world perspectives, HCA teachers help students thrive. And smaller class sizes facilitate personalized instruction that encourages students to do their best every day.

Revealing the path forward

At HCA, we give students opportunities to discover their individual gifts in an environment of thoughtful freedom. All can find their place at HCA through a directed learning educational framework. Our goal is to ensure each student has the skills they need to pursue a God-inspired calling and the knowledge to be effective Christian participants in the larger world. Read more about the HCA mission and vision supporting your student


The HCA Curriculum

Effective education does more than teach the basics. When students experience self-motivation, overcome challenges, and make discoveries, learning becomes:






HCA students develop a passion for the truth by thinking critically and logically. They use insights to write and speak clearly and persuasively and honor their values by living healthfully and virtuously.

Student Life

Learning extends beyond a school building, and student life at HCA offers many opportunities to explore interests, cultivate talents, and get physically fit while enjoying fellowship.


 Throughout the school year, HCA provides numerous opportunities for students to develop and enhance their leadership skills, ensuring they are ready to make a positive impact in the world.


HCA students serve throughout Kalamazoo at The Gospel Mission, Alternatives, local nursing homes, and more. We are committed to instilling the habit of service in our students.

Theater Arts

At HCA, we embrace the enriching power of theater. Our Spring Musical features performers across multiple grades, promoting self-expression and creativity in a supportive Christian setting.


Discover year-round sports at HCA! Enjoy cross-country, volleyball, soccer, basketball, and baseball in a supportive Christian environment. Join us to foster teamwork and athletic growth!

Where the Excitement Happens

Heritage Christian Academy sits on 42 acres on 9th Street in Kalamazoo, Michigan. The main campus building offers 14 classrooms for grades 4 – 12, offices, and a multi-purpose room. A modular building provides additional learning spaces for our Early Elementary students.

HCA Stories

"I'm truly grateful to HCA for nurturing Samuel's talents. He's thriving academically and spiritually at MTU, leading the CRU Ministry and maintaining a 4.0 GPA. Thank you, HCA, for your pivotal support."

Mother of
Samuel Dykgraaf

"I greatly appreciate the opportunity to freely integrate scripture into every class and continuously enhance my curriculum. This freedom enriches the learning experience, allowing for a truly holistic educational approach."

John R. Beck, Ed.D
High School Social Studies Educator


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