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After much consideration and prayer, your HCA Board has prayerfully adopted the tuition schedule and fees below.

Tuition reduction (TRP) is available for all families.  Please see Julie or Dawn for information about RaiseRight and access our HCA code to begin earning tuition credits. There is no cost to participate in this program.

HCA offers Multi Student Family Discounts beginning with the 3rd (youngest) enrolling student (25%), 4th youngest (50%), 5th youngest (free).

There is limited funding available for those who qualify for tuition assistance.  Families will not receive more than a 50% tuition reduction. If you would like to apply for assistance, please find the application on your FACTS account under Grant & Aid. There is a $40 fee to apply.

Only one discount is permitted to be awarded to families in any single year.  Families may choose the greater discount.


Pre-K (3 full days)


Pre-K (5 full days)
& K – 5th Grade


6th – 12th Grade

Admission Policies


In keeping with biblical teachings, applicants are considered without regard to race, gender or national origin.


At least one parent of each applicant must give a credible profession of personal faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.


The parents should have an understanding of and willingness to cooperate with the Statement of Faith, Mission, Core Values, and Family Commitment statements of Heritage Christian Academy.


Parents should prayerfully consider how they can support the work of HCA by volunteering and/or contributing financially as God enables.


Grade-level placement is determined by previous academic performance and/or other assessments as required by HCA.


Enrollment is conditional and is based on review of records, references and interviews with the student and parents.


Students with documented learning disabilities may be admitted to HCA. Dual enrollment in the Discovery Center of HCA, which operates under the auspices of the National Institute for Learning Disabilities (NILD) may be required.


Parents must submit a completed online application (FACTS) with the non-refundable application fee.


Is there a test required to gain admission?

Yes, each new student is given an Entrance Test to ensure the correct placement.

What extracurricular activities, clubs and sports are offered?

HCA offers a variety of activities and sports.  We offer sports for both middle and high school.  Sports include boys & girls soccer, boys & girls basketball, girls volleyball, boys baseball and boys & girls cross country.  We have an active National Junior Honor Society as well as National Honor Society.  Another favorite extracurricular activity is History Club.

Do you have a dress code?
Yes, while HCA does not have uniforms we do enforce a dress code.  The emphasis of HCA’s dress code is on modesty and appropriateness for the learning environment.
Do you offer scholarships and/or financial assistance?

Tuition Reduction Program (TRP): The free RaiseRight program helps families reduce tuition by purchasing gift cards, with 90% of rebates credited towards tuition. To join, visit RaiseRight and contact the HCA office for our school code. Orders for physical gift cards must be submitted by 3 pm on the first Tuesday of each month and picked up the following Wednesday. Many gift cards can be reloaded or printed at home if your payment method is saved on the RaiseRight website.

Multi-Student Discounts: Full tuition is expected for one or two students. The third student receives a 25% discount, the fourth 50%, and the fifth is free.

Grant & Aid: Families can apply for tuition assistance through the FACTS Grant and Aid portal. A $40 fee applies, and applicants must be enrolled and current on tuition payments. Assistance, funded by HCA donations, covers up to 50% of tuition. Only one discount can be applied per family annually, except for TRP.

For more details, view the Policy.

What curriculum does HCA use?

The majority of our classes use BJU Press.  Other curriculum includes Abeka, Purposeful Design (ACSI) and Answers in Genesis. All of our curriculum is distinctly Christian.


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