Students in band at HCA have the opportunity to perform in both small and large ensembles, exploring a variety of music styles. Our performances include Christmas and Spring concerts, elementary chapel, and graduation ceremonies. Additionally, middle and high school students gain experience with marching techniques.


Our HCA choir program is a vibrant community where students explore vocal music and refine their talents. Led by dedicated instructors, students master harmonies and perform diverse repertoire, fostering teamwork and confidence.


Our theater program is an inclusive and enriching experience available to students of all grades. Every student has the opportunity to participate and discover their passion for the performing arts. Under the guidance of dedicated directors and supportive mentors, students delve into the world of theater, learning acting techniques, stagecraft, and the importance of collaboration. 

Visual Arts


Drawing is more than just putting pencil to paper—it’s a form of creative expression that allows students to explore their imagination and develop their artistic skills including shading, perspective, and more.


Painting is a vibrant outlet for artistic expression and exploration. Whether working with acrylics, watercolors, or oils, students have the opportunity to unleash their creativity and bring their visions to life on canvas.


Photography is a captivating journey of visual storytelling and artistic exploration. At HCA students delve into the technical aspects of photography, learning about composition, lighting, and camera techniques.


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